Solful Touch Massage Therapy

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I have worked with Kelly for years and plan to have her on my "team" to keep me healthy and functioning optimally as i slide deeper and deeper into middle age. I believe in the value that routine massages provide to our health. I am a medical social worker and juice plus provider. I am always looking for "non chemical ways" to reduce inflammation, reduce stress, reduce pain and minimize injury, improve my sleep, recover from the "wear and tear" of life and massage provides that for me. I will make routine massages part of my long term health strategy that includes check ups, exercise, healthy diet, dental and vision exams, etc etc etc. Kelly is the expert that I choose to use! She is awesome.”

Nelu M. September 7, 2011

Solful Touch Sports Massage Therapy Services

Kelly works with a lot of athletes and primarily performs Integrated Massage which is a combination of all of the following modalities. More specific work can be requested depending on the presenting condition.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage focuses on specific muscles used in your sport or fitness activity. It uses specific strokes which help increase athletic performance, decrease chance of injury, decrease recovery time and increase oxygen to the muscles by increasing circulation to quicken the removal of lactic acid. It also increases the repair process of a soft tissue injury, and increase range of motion by the application of specific stretching techniques. This type of massage is geared towards weekend warriors and elite athletes. An 80 minute session is recommended for a full body sports massage.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

This scientific therapy helps to erase pain patterns in muscles by working specific areas called trigger points. Trigger points are small points in muscles that are sore or radiate pain when compressed. These trigger points are caused by trauma, poor posture, repetitive injuries, and overwork of certain muscles. The goal of NMT is to achieve homeostasis between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. This therapy is for people with specific problems that may be work-related due to poor posture, accidents or overuse. Chronic low back pain, shoulder and neck problems and carpal tunnel syndrome, to name a few, are some of the conditions that can be alleviated through NMT. NMT sessions are generally 40-60 minutes in length.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

A lighter touch, full body therapy that focuses on stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, eliciting the relaxation response. This has a soothing emotional effect, reduces anxiety, calms the mind, and promotes feelings of well-being. This technique is perfect for the stressed out business executive or stay at home hard working mother or father who just wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. A 60 minute session is recommended. 

Note: Solful Touch uses organic, nut free and paraben free lotions and creams. Aromatherapy and hot stones are also available.